Two Amazing Advanced Training Courses with One Professional Team!

Surround Yourself with the Right Knowledge and Business Expertise.
Join a Mastermind Team that Won’t Let You Fail.

Two All-Encompassing Hormone Replacement Training and Optimal Health Business Start-up Course to Implement What You Learn.

Please select one of the two courses below to begin your journey:

Two Amazing Advanced Training Courses with One Professional Team!

Two All-Encompassing Hormone Replacement Training and Optimal Health Business Start-up Courses to Implement What You Learn.

Surround Yourself with the Right Knowledge and Business Expertise.
Join a Mastermind Team that Won’t Let You Fail.

Hormone Replacement Clinical Course

A comprehensive optimal health, hormone replacement course unlike any other!

Optimal Health
Business Start-up Training

Conceiving, designing, and launching the creation of your HRT Optimal Health Practice.

Please select one of the two courses below to begin your journey:


Are You Ready to Practice REAL Preventive Medicine?

THIS is it! A comprehensive optimal health, hormone replacement training unlike any other!

By replacing hormones to optimal levels, in conjunction with lifestyle and dietary changes, you will be able to safely restore your patient’s metabolism to youthful levels. You will not just “treat” type 2 diabetes and “manage” cardiovascular disease, but rather you will learn how with the proper treatments and lifestyle changes you can actually “reverse” disease. With Optimal Health medicine you will take your patients to the next level of health, thus reducing, if not eliminating, their need to use maintenance medications.

Our training is not your typical hormone replacement training, but rather, it is a combination of evidence-based treatments aimed at creating optimal health and utilizing hormone replacement in conjunction with clinically relevant lifestyle modifications to positively impact health outcomes. You will be using actual patient clinical data to help you understand and competently apply optimal health practices to your patients, helping them achieve amazing recovery of life, energy, vitality, and health span.

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Hormone Replacement Clinical Course Outline

What is Optimal Health Medicine?

Optimal Hormone Replacement

Who will benefit from Optimal Hormone Replacement?

Clinical Patient Approach, Interpretation, Pathophysiology of Diagnostic Results & Prescribing of Hormones

Launching Their Optimal Health Journey

Hormones Outlined and Clinical Functionality

Everything You Need to Know about Hormones & How to Prescribe Them to Effect REAL Change for Your Patient

Alleged Complications, Side Effects, and precautions from Hormones.

Pathophysiology of Hormonal Decline (Disease doesn’t need to happen!)

Optimal Health Medicine Categories of Patients

Clinical Example of Advanced Diagnostics to Effect Change

Hormonal Protection Therapy (Real Preventive Medicine)

Advanced Treatment for Special Medical Conditions

Employing Hormones into Your Practice: The Process

The Secret Pearls: Special Use of Other Hormones & Medications

What Makes this Training Course World Class?

No other course utilizes your own and actual patient labs, body composition scans and the other advanced testing results to reveal a true and defined health status and learn to apply peer reviewed, literature-based treatments and lifestyle modifications to truly effect change on your patient’s health.

We focus on providing extensive and detailed education on each of the hormones, their application, strategic pearls, and prescribing dosages, which will help you clearly understand and be able to competently immediately apply.

This course will take you step by step in the interpretation of advanced labs, body composition scans, and other cutting-edge diagnostics tools to guide you safely and effectively in the clinical decision making to competently prescribe bioidentical hormones to effect REAL change.

If you are burned out with the traditional “sick care” approach to medicine and you are looking to make a real impact on your patients to prevent disease and turn around their current illness state, THIS is the answer. It is the most rewarding, life transforming, health goal achieving medical approach available, which will also allow you to practice true preventive health on your own schedule, with the freedom to make health decisions in conjunction WITH your patients, and truly effect massive health changes. The Optimal Health approach is the medicine of the future! Sign up today!

*Future Events To Be Held At The Luxurious Circ Hotel

*Current Event to Be Held on 3rd Floor of our main Promenade Office location

How Much is the HRT Medical Practice Summit?

If you were to hire our team for a one-on-one 2-day clinical training at our practice, you would pay $8,995. And if you were to join our HRT Mastery Success Board for the year (launching new members in February 2022) you would pay $3,500 annually (Requires clinical training course completion). However, the cost of this training is nowhere near that amount! Our goal is to make this Optimal Health Medicine training affordable so that medical providers can either add it to their current practice, or completely move away from the traditional “sick care” medicine approach. The overall goal is to dramatically impact REAL positive health changes to your patients, thus changing the way we view healthcare and treat patients.

To help introduce this training post-COVID, we are offering you a special, affordable rate of $1,995, from the original $3,995. Why so affordable? Because when we all chose medicine, we did so with the desire to help others. Currently the “sick care” model manages most patients with their progressive decline in the patient’s overall healthcare.

Frankly, we are gearing up for our best year ever in 2022! COVID has taught us that a healthy body in optimal health is able to fight disease and recover faster from any sickness than a weak, sickly, diseased body with a poor immune system.

When the focus is on keeping the patient healthy instead of fighting or “maintaining” disease, that means more of everything: more patient success stories, more one-on-one patient education and coaching, healthier, happier patients, and when healthcare is correctly provided, more profits for everyone!

So, we decided to make our first event of 2022 as affordable as possible, and quite possibly the last time this event will ever be available at this low rate again.

Zero Risk – No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee

We believe in the Optimal Health training services we provide. We use them every day in our own practices, so we know they work … and we know they will work for you, too.

That is why we offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

Register today with full confidence knowing that if for ANY REASON whatsoever after the first full day if you feel that the HRT Medical Practice Success Summit did not meet, and in fact EXCEED your expectations …

…we will give you a full refund on the spot.

Be sure to click the link below to register and secure your seat at the HRT Medical Practice Success Optimal Health training.