Launching Your Comprehensive HRT Optimal Health Medicine Center

A Comprehensive Startup Guide and Mastermind Group to Surround Yourself with the People and a System that Won’t Let You Fail.

Hands on, step-by-step Learning as a team, conceiving, designing, and launching the creation of your HRT Optimal Health Practice. 21 available seats, 7 tables total (3 per table).

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Comprehensive Center Startup Course

We have pioneered the concept of an HRT Optimal Health Medicine center startup course, ready to grow it into the HRT Optimal Health specialties most sought-after resource for new and seasoned Center owners, administrators, and operators as well as financial investors and entrepreneurs.

As the needs of the HRT Optimal Health industry change constantly, so will HRT Medical Practice Success’s flagship course. The sessions included in the Comprehensive Center Startup Track offer invaluable insight into how to design, open and operate an HRT Optimal Health Medicine Center effectively, efficiently, and profitable by seasoned Center operators and experts in their aligned fields.

3 Day Intensive Bootcamp Schedule:

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

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3 Day Intensive Bootcamp Schedule:

Day 1

Comprehensive Center Startup Track: What Does Ownership Mean?

Comprehensive Center Startup Track: Services and Procedures Planned

Comprehensive Center Startup Track: Center Site Selection

Comprehensive Center Startup Track: Financial Management: Business Plan and Pro Forma Development

Comprehensive Center Startup Track: Setting It Up Right the First Time

Comprehensive Center Startup Track: Getting Paid: Operational Considerations for Recurring and Retail Billing

Comprehensive Center Startup Track: Operational Performance

Day 2

Comprehensive Center Startup Track: Focus on Provider and Staff Efficiencies: Achieving the Right Staffing Mix

Comprehensive Center Startup Track: Getting the Right People: Recruiting, Hiring and Onboarding Strategies

Comprehensive Center Startup Track: Agreements for Employees and Independent Contractors

Comprehensive Center Startup Track: Smart Employee Evaluation and Termination Strategies

Comprehensive Center Startup Track: Lab, DXA, Equipment, and Supplies

Comprehensive Center Startup Track: Practice Operation Supplies

Day 3

Comprehensive Center Startup ROI Track: Calculating Marketing ROI on Your Services, Procedures and Products

Comprehensive Center Startup Track: Marketing for HRT Optimal Health Center Startups

Comprehensive Center Startup Track: Marketing Value of Phone Scripting, Follow Up Patient communications and Service Reminder Systems

Comprehensive Center Startup Track: Leveraging Digital, Social Media, and Mobile Phone Marketing to Drive Volume

Comprehensive Center Startup Track: Developing a Patient-Focused Culture While Still Complying with Office Regulations and Policies

Comprehensive Center Startup Track: Employer Responsibilities for the Safety of Employees and Facility Regulatory Compliance

Comprehensive Center Startup Track: Risk Management Considerations

*Future Events To Be Held At The Luxurious Circ Hotel

*Current Event to Be Held on 3rd Floor of our main Promenade Office location in Coconut Creek, Florida
4443 Lyons Road, Coconut Creek, FLorida, 33073

How Much is the HRT Medical Practice Summit?

If you were to hire our team for a consultation in your practice startup, you would pay $22,500.

And if you were to join our HRT Medical Practice Success Board for the year (currently closed to new members) you would pay $9,000.

However, you’re not going to pay anywhere near that amount to learn from us because we want to make sure this Summit is affordable enough for everyone who wants to build a thriving HRT Optimal Health medical practice business.

To help launch relaunch this conference post-COVID we have priced the entire conference at normally $9,997 and reduced this offer to $4,997 AND so that you can bring your team with you, each of your office team members after the first is $1,997. They will not be seated at the 7 mastermind tables but will be able to listen to the lectures and assist you with your start up.

Why so affordable?

Frankly, we are gearing up for our best year ever in 2022 too!

That means more of everything: more private masterminds … more one-on-one coaching … more high-end consulting clients … and more profits for everyone!

So, we decided to make our first event of 2022 as affordable as possible, and quite possibly the last time this event will ever be available at this price again.

Zero Risk – No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee

We believe in the training services we provide. We use them every day in our own businesses, so we know they work … and we know they will work for you, too.

That is why we offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

Register today with full confidence knowing that if for ANY REASON whatsoever after the first full day if you feel that the HRT Medical Practice Success Summit did not meet, and in fact EXCEED your expectations …

… I’ll give you a full refund on the spot.

So be sure to click the link below to register and secure your seat at the HRT Medical Practice Success Health Optimization Business Startup taking place at the CircHotel in Hollywood, Florida.